Heavy Weapons Clonetrooper and BARC Speeder Get Hot Toys

BARC. It’s the Speeder with bite! Or so the Heavy Weapons Clonetrooper would like to believe. It’s been a moment since Hot Toys offered some large, expensive Star Wars item. But with the anniversary of Attack of the Clones, and Star Wars Celebration this week, it’s time. The company will bring out the Clones’ favorite fast ride, the BARC Speeder. And they’ll do so in two versions.

The first version includes the sidecar, and seats two riders. But it’s two vehicles in one: the Sidecar pops off, and can either remain attached by mechanical arm, or go its own way. Hovering over a rocky themed base, the vehicle boasts realistic weathering deco.

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Now, if the sidecar adds too much to the expense, a streamed down BARC without it comes packed with Commander Appo. Either way, you get a Clone on a vehicle. Shell out more if you’d like them to give a buddy a ride as well. It’s $610 for the two seater, and $515 for a single-rider vehicle. Payment plans are available, with delivery expected by next spring.

For a better look at the BARC with sidecar — and a probably upcoming AT-RT — look through the gallery below. Then tell us what you think in comments.

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