NECA Makes Unreleased LJN Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Figures

For anyone who’s been nursing a grudge since the early ’80s that LJN’s final wave of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons action figures never came out…it’s time to heal. For one of this year’s Comic-Con exclusives, NECA will finally make and release them. They’ll even come with the original Battle-Matic Action feature (except Skylla). AD&D figures came in multiple scales, but eventually settled into 4-inch, which these are. And they appear to be exact copies of the original prototypes — no modern enhancements. Those can wait for the larger 7-inchers NECA announced a while back.

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Each figure will arrive sealed on an individual blister card in the vintage style, with all four packed into an outer box. But anyone who wants to activate that sweet push-button arm motion will have to open them up. So maybe get two?

NECA will announce details and price later. But don’t expect a bargain for these. Pulvereye the cycloptic Orc, Skylla the witch, Valkeer the Viking-ish barbarian and Kelek the evil wizard can bolster any party. Get a closer look at each figure in the gallery below.

What do you think of these LJN reproductions? Have you been awaiting these for decades? Let us know in comments!

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