Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Launches Kickstarter For New Season

In 2019, Monolith Board Games put its own spin on the Dark Knight legend with Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. The original tabletop game cast one player as Batman himself, with other players embodying several of the character’s allies and villains. Now, a new season is in the works, and Monolith is asking for fans’ help to make it a reality. The company just launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance Gotham City Chronicles‘ third season along with a new role-playing game.

Players usually make their way through Gotham City Chronicles by spending energy to perform a variety of actions. These include melee and ranged attacks as well as other actions like defusing bombs. Each of the game’s previous seasons has introduced brand new missions, play styles, and detailed miniatures representing various Batman characters and locales. Season 3’s expansion (dubbed “Gotham in Flames”) is the biggest one yet. Fans can expect 25 new miniatures, four new board maps, and 13 new missions.

According to the campaign’s description, “Gotham in Flames” features a number of changes “massively requested” by the game’s community. A solo-cooperative mode, hero profiles and game aids, and a supervillains campaign are among the new additions. Gamers will also see a few new characters on the board, including Cassandra Cain/Batgirl, Jace Fox/Batman, Ghostmaker, and Red Hood.

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The role-playing game, on the other hand, is a different experience. This game employs a d20 System and lets players choose between virtually any character in the Gotham pantheon, even characters of their own creation. Fortunately, there’s a Quickstart guide to explain all the rules.

So far, the Kickstarter has vastly exceeded its original goal of $214,273. As of this writing, fans have pledged more than $660,000 to Monolith’s campaign. And as is the case with other campaigns, the more money you pledge, the more rewards you get as a bonus.

The new season of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is expected to ship in September 2023. The Kickstarter will officially close on June 10.

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