Three New Doom Slayer Figure Exclusive Variants Punch in

McFarlane Toys will get their ass to Mars — again — with three new versions of the protagonist character from the Doom games. Generally known as the Doom Slayer, this space Marine wages a (mostly) one-man war against the forces of hell, using whatever weapons he can collect along the way. While he significantly armors up by the final levels, his adventure usually beings with little but a fist spike and trusty shotgun.

The company’s been making Doom Slayer figures for a while now, but this week unveiled three new exclusive versions, representing the different customization skins of Doom Eternal. Most eye-catching? The classic variant. Featuring significant resculpting, this is the figure as first seen on the original game’s cover art. McFarlane’s online store hosts the exclusive preorders for this one.

The more updated, current version gets some variety too. In a BigBadToyStore exclusive, the Astro Slayer skin turns him white for a limited run of 3000. This version also includes the exclusive Crucible Sword. The limited run ups the price to $24.99, versus the usual $19.99. (It’s a split-difference from the original pricing — the first Doom Slayer figure cost $21.99 initially.)

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Finally, the Ember skin version, available across most online retailers, includes a flaming helmet and flame thrower arm extension. McFarlane’s online store offers a particularly good deal for this and the classic variant at a total of $29.99 — a $10 savings.

Fans continue to request more demons for this guy to fight, but in the meantime, these variants offer some fun new takes. Will you preorder any of them? Let us know in comments.

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