McFarlane Toys’ Grifter, Hush, and Hush Batman Now up for Preorder

McFarlane Toys keeps cranking out the DC characters, and the latest preorders spotlight a couple of characters that highlight founder Todd McFarlane’s interests. First, Hush is the kind of horror-movie inspired villain who resembles a psychotic invisible man. He’s also key to one of the best-known Batman stories in recent years, mainly notable for Jim Lee’s incredible renderings of every major Batman family hero and villain. Hush comes in two versions: a scowling single-carded version with two knives, and a yelling variant in a two-pack with Batman.

The two-pack Hush comes with a shovel as his accessory, along with a graveyard base featuring Jason Todd’s tombstone. The Batman figure appears to be a partial kitbash of McFarlane’s initial Detective Comics #1000 Batman and the more recent Three Jokers Batman, and comes with two Batarangs. And once again, a character like Hush who uses guns in the comics must bow to DC’s “no toy guns” rule.

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Similarly bound by that rule? Grifter, who must now make do with swords. Previously an Image Comics character from the WildC.A.T.S., Grifter joined the DC universe with the purchase of Wildstorm. The figure here derives from the Infinite Frontier comics, in which the masked merc served as Lucius Fox’s bodyguard.

The usual prices still apply: $19.99 for Grifter or solo Hush, and $39.99 for the two-pack. Superhero Hype is an affiliate partner with EntertainmentEarth, and may earn fees based on purchases made through site links.

What do you think of these latest preorders? Is teh lack of guns a dealbreaker? Let us know in comments.

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