Hot Toys’ The Batman Comes With Multiple Accessory Options

Considering the substantial sums Hot Toys figures already command, they shouldn’t really need to make multiple variants of popular characters just to cash in. But that’s just one way to look at the multiple options for the much-anticipated Hot Toys The Batman figure. Another is that the company wanted to make all these cool accessories for him, but at the same time offer an option that allows fans to buy just the figure. Because as a figure just by itself, this Batman looks impressive enough, with rolling eyeball feature and three interchangeable lower-jaw expressions.

If that’s not enough, however, a deluxe edition of the figure includes an LED light-up base with stairs and rooftop segment. That one also includes his wingsuit, sticky-bomb gun, and a special backdrop. Then there’s the Bat-Signal, sold separately, which lights up. Or fans can go all-in with a package deal that includes the Bat-Signal and bonus accessories, which costs less than buying them all separately.

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Batman alone runs the expected $300. With wingsuit and base, $375. Want the Bat-Signal by itself, maybe for another Batman figure? That’s $160. Or just grab the all-in-one package for $515.

So how many accessories does Batman really need? In the movies, lots. On your shelf, it depends. But you have options, And if the full image gallery (below) is any indication, a Batcycle and Batmobile may be coming to bust open the buying options even further.

Which will you buy, if any? Let us know in comments.

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