Hasbro Unveiled Final Stretch Goals for HasLab Ghostbusters Proton Pack

When it comes to HasLab‘s crowdfunded projects, it’s the ghosts with the most. Fans fully backed Hasbro’s 1:1 Ghostbusters proton pack replica pretty quickly. Meanwhile, the G.I. Joe Skystriker and Star Wars Rancor remain about half-backed. The proton pack even unblocked some stretch goals already, like the all important connection hose for a neutrona wand, and some charred Mini-Pufts. But now Hasbro has shown the final two incentives for the HasLab proton pack, in case any cosplayers and collectors remain on the fence.

At 13,000 backers, Hasbro adds a new Spengler notebook, featuring 16 pages of all-new supplementary material in Egon’s handwriting. And with it, a decal sheet of movie images and memes for your own notebook.

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The 15,000 stretch goal, like the connector hose, feels more in the category of “should have been included from the getgo.” It’s a display stand, which seems an all-important accessory for fans who want the pack as a prop replica for display rather than cosplay equipment. With just under two more weeks to go, and 11,585 backers as of this writing, that surely seems attainable.

The proton pack disassembles as seen in the new movie Afterlife. Having that stand to help facilitate the opening up will sure come in handy.

Will you back the HasLab proton pack? Have you already? Let us know in comments.

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