Batman, Batgirl and Red Hood Round out McFarlane Three Jokers Wave

As predicted, following the reveal of the eponymous Three Jokers in the latest wave of Batman figures, McFarlane Toys released images of the remaining three characters. In addition to the trifecta of terrorizing clown-faces, the Three Jokers wave includes Batman, Batgirl, and Jason Todd as Red Hood. And will become available for preorder this coming week. (Note: Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate network, and earns fees based on purchases made through site links.)

Batman looks to use a newer body type similar to the current Superman/Bizarro base figure, possibly even sharing parts. Stockier and less gymnastic looking, he’s not quite Frank Miller bulky but clearly going to get there once he nears retirement age. Expect to see several repaints and variations of this version going forward.

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Batgirl appears to use parts from the first build-a-Batmobile McFarlane wave. The other two — Nightwing and Batman Who Laughs — have seen new versions since, so this feels overdue. An improved Bat-symbol, cape, cowl, and belt make all the difference. Frankly, the mask on the previous one concealed nothing.

Red Hood looks like he might use the same head and legs from the previous figure. But he otherwise boasts new sculpting for a more comic-specific appearance. As an identity used by both Comedian Joker and Jason Todd, this character has obvious significance to round out the Three Jokers wave.

Which Three Jokers wave figure is your favorite? Will you preorder any? Let us know in comments.

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