LEGO Debuts Two New Tumbler Batmobile Sets for 2021

As we’re at a point between cinematic Batmen, LEGO has opted to celebrate this year’s Batman Day with the last great live-action solo Batman movies. Though a couple days early for the festivities, set for Sept 18 this year, the company just announced two new editions of the Tumbler Batmobile. As seen in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, these versions of Christopher Nolan’s tank-like contraption offer alternatives for both playing and displaying. Not that a person couldn’t do both with both if they really wanted.

“Scarecrow Showdown” features a smaller, minifig-scale Tumbler Batmobile designed with kids in mind. It costs an allowance-friendly $39.99, includes Scarecrow with stud-shooting gun, and even a bonus fear gas face for Batman. Expect this version to arrive Oct 1.

The larger Tumbler Batmobile replaces the previous collector version now out of print, with a slightly bigger build — 2049 pieces as opposed to 1869. Though it includes minifigs of Batman and interrogation room Joker, it’s most likely scaled slightly bigger, as these sets tend to trend. Priced at $229.99, this more detailed and deluxe vehicle starts shipping Nov 1.

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For anyone who wants some LEGO Batman fun now or on the actual day, a Brick Sketch Batman for $16.99 makes for affordable fun. Build a portrait of the caped crusader’s scowling face for decoration.

Check out a few more images in the gallery below. Will these new sets tumble into your collection? Let us know in comments.

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