Playmobil Is Making a $500 Classic Star Trek Enterprise Playset

One of the signature aspects of Playmobil is the mega-set, often of something historical like an ancient Egyptian pyramid or Roman Colosseum. With their recent forays into licensed product, the biggest they’ve gone in that direction is the Ghostbusters fire house. But now they’ve gone really big, with a playset of the original Star Trek starship Enterprise NCC-1701. Based on the classic TV series, it includes figures of all the main crew, including a figure first for them in Spock’s pointy ears. Plus a few Tribbles.

At $500, this thing is massive. The saucer section opens up to reveal a bridge playset, while the keel pops open to reveal Scotty’s beloved engineering room. The set comes with both a large display base and a mobile assembly to hang it from the ceiling. The toy sports lights and sounds, and gets AR enhancements with the help of a downloadable app. It’s 18 inches wide, and three-and-a-half feet long. Even for collectors who aren’t fans of Playmobil’s house style, the ship itself looks pretty great from the outside.

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Various construction toys have tried to capture the Starfleet flagship over the years, but this looks the best so far. Playmobil boldly went where other toy companies had gone before, and then warped way ahead.

Take a look at more detailed images in our gallery below. Will you take the $500 plunge? Let us know in comments.

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