McFarlane Toys Goes Disney With Mirrorverse Game-Based Figures

When Todd McFarlane first started his toy company, specializing in demons from hell, shock-rockers, nearly nude women and torture victims, the last thing anyone would expect was that he’d one day do Mickey Mouse. And yet, here we are. The creator of Spawn in business with the House of Mouse. Naturally, there’s a slightly McFarlane-esque twist. The figures are based on Disney Mirrorverse, an upcoming mobile game with RPG and fighting elements. Characters fall into categories like Ranged, Support, and Tank. And the first figures based on the game will be Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Jack Sparrow, Sulley, Belle, and Buzz Lightyear.

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McFarlane hasn’t yet issued an official press release, as the images cropped up on various retail websites first. But it looks like the human characters will be standard 7-inch scale, smaller cartoon characters 5-inch, and larger beasts like Sulley 12-inches. (UPDATE: McFarlane has since clarified that Jack and Buzz will be 7-inch and the rest, including Sulley, 5 inches.) Dressed for battle, they feel slightly more like McFarlane takes already. Jack Sparrow’s right arm is skeletal with a flame effect, Belle grew her rose into a wooden battle staff, and Sulley wields one of the Monstropolis doors as a shield. Check them all out in the gallery down below.

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