McFarlane Toys Conjures up the Demon Etrigan and Infected King Shazam

The moment McFarlane Toys announced that a Shazam/Captain Marvel figure was coming, everyone should have guessed it would be a dark, twisted version. Todd McFarlane just isn’t that fond of clean-cut good guys. So it’s no great shock that his take on the “Big Red Cheese” uses the Joker venomized version, self-dubbed King Shazam. Black Adam’s got nothing on this nutcase, who uses his ancient god powers to go after Superman.

Released alongside this dark take on a classic is a fresh take on a Kirby creature. The rhyming demon Etrigan comes clad in his New 52 gear form Demon Knights. Inhabiting the Dark Ages era of the DC universe, Jason Blood’s captive alt-persona wears armor and wields a sword.

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Preorder both figures at Entertainment Earth (and similar sites), for what is rapidly becoming a relative bargain price of $19.99. Note: Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate program, and earns fees based on purchases made through site links.

Both figures feature standard McFarlane 22-point articulation, and come with a figure stand and collector card. They are compatible with most other 7-inch action figure lines.

Will either of these dark warriors grace your toy shelf? Let us know in comments.

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