Toy Review: Diamond Select The Lord of the Rings Legolas Figure

First things first. Diamond Select‘s Legolas figure from The Lord of the Rings features a much improved actor likeness from what has become their norm. Figures like Tron, John Wick, and Captain Jack Sparrow in the past failed to account for the extra thickness the paint layer brings to the face. But here, with an improved digital face print and a sculpt that seems to account for paint, we get an outstanding Orlando Bloom resemblance. The only minor issue may be a slight excess of reddishness around the eyes, like he had an a allergy attack or a night smoking the Hobbits’ pipeweed.

Legolas arrives as the second figure in the line, following Gimli. He comes packed with Sauron’s right arm and leg, which look suitably huge by comparison. Presumably the Dark Lord’s torso will come with the smallest figure, Frodo. However, I would encourage toy companies that do this kind of build-a-figure released across several months to put out the torso sooner, so all the pieces have something to attach to right off the bat. Rather than rolling around in a drawer, waiting to get individually collected at the end.

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As much as Toy Biz’s original Sauron figure was fantastic, it included a One Ring that was very easy to lose, with removable fingers. Here, it’s simply a sculpted/painted detail which feels better. Knee articulation on Sauron will work as a simple hinge, with hinge-and-rocker ankles. Elbows have restricted ball joints, wrists are disc-and-pin, and the shoulders hinge and post. (Image above also features the head that came with Gimli.)

They may look similarly heighted in package, but the elf stands appropriately taller than his dwarf pal. In both cases, strong attention to different costume details and textures is the lure. If the price raise to $29.99 gives us this regularly, then it’s for the best. Entertainment Earth sells a set of both Legolas and Gimli for $49.99, a particularly good deal. (Full disclosure: Superhero Hype is part of Entertainment Earth’s affiliate program, and earns fees based on purchases through our links. But you’re unlikely to find them cheaper.)

The oddest detail on Legolas is that in addition to his arrow quiver, he has two other sheaths on his back. An arrow apiece will fit in each, but ride higher than seems aesthetically pleasing. It seems more likely the figure got designed with more accessories in mind — two daggers, maybe — that didn’t make the budget.

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Inside his box, Legolas comes in Diamond’s now-standard two-part plastic tray sandwich. Normally this is super collector-friendly, but with this one, the plastic ties holding his arrows in place also tie the plastic trays together, so they need to get the snip. Do it carefully, and the package can mostly stay intact, but those ties must go.

Articulation is similar to Gimli’s, and similarly restricted by sculpt, though it’s surprisingly easy to pose him in bow-firing mode, thanks to the way his hands and fingers sport a very particular bow-loading pose. The bow features a flexible string with enough give to pose, but enough tightness to hold in a neutral position too. All three arrows work with it.

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Here’s the breakdown. Ball-jointed neck, shoulders, hips and mid-torso. Limited disc-and-pin ball-joints at the elbows, wrists, knees. Cut waist underneath his tunic. Hinge and rocker ankles.

One of The Lord of the Rings movie’s most dynamic characters, Legolas in figure form may not come as super-poseable as some would like. That said, he can strike enough decent poses that he’s hardly a statue either.

Check out the gallery below for more looks and poses. Then let us know what you think in comments.

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