Ghostbusters’ Mini-Pufts and Original 1984 Team Get New Action Figures

Ghostbusters: Afterlife details still remain mostly under wraps, but that won’t stop Hasbro from making new toys. We’ve seen the Mini-Pufts in an early clip, and now the cute li’l marshmallow monsters will join the Plasma Collection toy line in a three-pack. They’ll join new glow-in-the-dark repaints of the original four Ghostbusters, now in “slimed” deco.

Ray, Winston, Peter, and Egon feature ghost-busting accessories and glowing ectoplasm. But not the Terror Dog build-a-figure parts the originals came with. However, this go-around they all include proton streams, which also glow in the dark. Now we just need an actual Slimer to slime them.

The Mini-Pufts, cheating scale a bit by being 3.5 inches tall, sport premium detailing and articulation. Presumably we will see more toys of the lead characters once the trailers tell us a bit more about them. And possibly reveal them in bustin’ gear. Hasbro already released a Plasma Collection Afterlife Ecto-1, though it was unexpectedly in a smaller scale than the figures.

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Take a look in the gallery below for digital render images of the figures and the glow effect. They’re all up for preorder now at Entertainment Earth. (Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate program, and earns fees based on any purchases made through our links.)

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