Marvel Legends Announce Age of Apocalypse Colossus Wave and More

Last year, Marvel Legends delivered an X-Men: Age of Apocalypse wave with a massive, grotesque Sugar Man as the build-a-figure. This year, they’re following up with a whole new wave, and Colossus is the big guy to collect and assemble. Revealed this morning by Hasbro, and available for preorder at sites like Entertainment Earth, the new wave includes Magneto, Legion, Sabretooth, Shadowcat, Rogue, Cyclops, and Iceman.

It’s a wave that features some incredible hair. From Cyclops’ Fabio look, to Legion’s massive flattop and Rogue’s totally ’90s excess. Even the translucent Iceman features ice hair, as well as some extra-spiky hands.

But that’s not all. As part of the Spider-Man retro-carded series, we’ll also get Spider-Man 2099. Voiced by Oscar Isaac in Into the Spider-verse, the future webslinger “features exceptional articulation, two extra sets of hands, and webbing.”

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The retro 3-3/4 line continues with several repaints, plus a new Silver Surfer. US Agent, Stealth Armor Iron Man, and Symbiote Spider-Man join in, along with a new Loki and classic Storm.

Finally, we got a tease of a new Tigra. The actual figure will feature pinless joint articulation, though the early render shows the pins. Release date and plans remain unspecified. The new Age of Apocalypse wave, however, will now take preorders at Entertainment Earth and other sites. (Superhero Hype is part of the Entertainment Earth affiliate program, and earns fees based on sales through our links.)

Take a look in the gallery below for more images. (Note that most are digital renders and not final product.) What do you think of these new reveals? Let us know in comments.

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