Disney+ Marvel Legends Reveals Include U.S. Agent, Bucky, and More

As part of Hasbro‘s Marvel Monday, fans finally got an official look at the Disney+ Marvel Legends wave. And it looked familiar. Some of these characters, like Scarlet Witch, White Vision, and Baron Zemo got individual reveals previously. Others, like U.S. Agent, Sam Wilson Captain America, and Bucky leaked all over the net harder than a sieve these past months. But at last they’re real, and up for preorder. Collect the entire wave — a rare wave fully based on the MCU, with no comic figures — to complete Sam’s flight wings. The extended wings come fully articulated, along with Redwing and a sturdy flight display stand.

Eagle-eyed fans may notice that this Bucky Barnes and John Walker aren’t entirely show-accurate. They’re based on early The Falcon and The Winter Soldier production designs, so they could come out now rather than next year. It remains to be seen how close the new Loki figure turns out to be. He looks to have civilian duds, but the word “Variant” stamped across the back of his jacket raises some eyebrows. But that’s not all — we got some comic-based reveals as well.

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A more classic comics Hercules and Johnny Storm should arrive later in the year, along with a shirtless Logan described as the “hairiest” one yet. (No official image of that one so far.) And before things ended, a mysterious space ray gun teased a possible new army builder.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier/WandaVision/Loki wave is now up for preorder at Hasbro Pulse and elsewhere.

Take a look at the full gallery below. How many will you collect? Let us know in comments.

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