Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Battletoads With New Action Figures

Battletoads may have begun life as a cynical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ripoff designed to sell merchandise. But its memory has prevailed over the years, unlike similar knockoffs like the Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters. This is because the videogame they debuted in got a reputation as one of the hardest games ever. And ’90s platforming games, by modern standards, generally came pretty tough. So that’s no small feat. And fans who could conquer its myriad stages — mostly platforming, but with elements of other game styles like racing and climbing — became lifelong aficionados.

Now, those devotees will have anew line of toys to show off their fandom. Premium DNA, the company that revived Barnyard Commandos and Madballs action figures, has six toad-based characters up for preorder. They’re scaled accordingly, so while the Toads come in at 6 inches, boss characters General Vermin and General Slaughter stand 12-inches and 15-inches, respectively. Prices vary by size, too, with Slaughter going for $124.99, foes Porka Pig and Rat Bones at $36.99, and the rest in between. Or grab the entire wave for $364.99. It wouldn’t be Battletoads if the financial choice were easy. Preorder now for anticipated delivery by year’s end.

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Take a look at more images, including a large plough accessory and various interchangeable pieces, in our gallery below. Will you buy into these Battletoads? Let us know in comments below.

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