Pre-Disney Star Wars Legends Figures Join Lucasfilm Anniversary Line

If there’s any one character that sums up the anything-goes nature of Star Wars comics canon from the early days before any sequels existed, it’s Jaxxon. The green space rabbit who debuted in a 1978 Marvel comic was reputedly never a big favorite of George Lucas, but fans remembered him. Like the similar bunny character Plundor in the He-Man cartoon, he’s either so out there it’s too far, or so weird he’s hilarious. Disney recently re-canonized the figure by including him on a comic cover, and now he finally has his own toy. For Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary, he leads off a line of four Star Wars Legends figures, from the pre-Disney era. revealed them this morning.

The other three are variations on characters we’ve seen before. Darth Maul first took his shirt off in 2000’s Star Wars: Darth Maul comic. His Legends figure captures the full-body tattoo in 6-inch scale for the first time, along with a new head sculpt. Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire Luke Skywalker is mostly a black repaint of Dagobah Luke, but he comes with a Force-suppressing Ysalamiri. Frequently seen as the pet of Grand Admiral Thrawn, this creature is designed to wrap around the previously released Thrawn’s neck.

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Rounding out the series is Carnor Jax from the Crimson Empire comics. Previous Imperial Guard figures had used the Carnor Jax design for the body hidden under their robes. However, this figure’s designed specifically based on the aspiring Sith. As such he features new details like a purple-lined cape and custom blade weapon.

All four figures go up for preorder at your favorites sites around 10 a.m. PDT tomorrow. And if these do well, Hasbro will undoubtedly pay attention.

Our gallery below has some more images, including the special packaging. Take a look. Then tell us which Star Wars Legends figures you’d like to see, in our comments section below.

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