Hot Toys Makes Game-Inspired Futuristic DJ Miles Morales 2020 Figures

Never let a good Spider-Man variant go to waste. That’s been the philosophy of virtually every toy company to ever have Spider-Man rights, and Hot Toys is no exception. From the Miles Morales video game — and before that, a variant comics cover — Hot Toys next offers up a futuristic DJ Miles Morales. In the game, he’s unlocked when you complete every hologram challenge left by Peter Parker. And the inspiration of the look seems very Daft Punk. Featuring an elaborate futuristic backdrop, he also includes LEDs in his head and chest, including three different eye patterns.

Miles also sports a newly developed body, faux leather jacket, and headphones. Interchangeable hands and web effects allow for a variety of dee-jaying or fighting gestures. And a dynamic figure stand allows for him to strike multiple action poses within the futuristic workshop display base.

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DJ Miles Morales, who first appeared as part of a 2020 themed cover initiative across many Marvel titles, will begin shipping next April. Preorder him now to ensure delivery, and if $290 all at once sounds too steep, installment plans of $52.20 apiece are available.

Need to say more? We have a gallery below for that.

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