Marvel Legends Villains Wave and Cosmic Figures Fully Revealed

Bring on the bad guys! Hasbro has been talking about a Marvel Legends villains wave for a while now, and we’ve known the identities of some. Arcade and an all-new Dormammu, for two. But this morning, as part of a Fan First Friday, the rest made their debuts. A new Lady Deathstrike, the classic Red Skull, AIM Scientist Supreme, and the Hood, whom the design team joked looks like an irate fan with hsi robe removed. Plus a partly resculpted Doctor Doom, in his recent Secret Wars look, complete with the skull and spinal column of Thanos. Oh, and Thanos’ skull’s jaw comes articulated.

The build-a-figure for the wave, once again using the Sasquatch/Wendigo base body, will be Xemnu. All figures come with multiple cool accessories, including magical gun blasts for The Hood and the Tesseract with Red Skull. Expect the villains wave to go up for preorders today.

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Beyond that, the Walgreens exclusive figures will continue a cosmic theme, boasting Quasar and a new Nova. Other figures mentioned, but without a specified assortment, include Civil Warrior Captain America (a redeco of the Hydra Cap with a new shield) and A.I. Tony Stark (redecoed 80th anniversary Iron Man with new translucent Tony head).

Before the livestream ended, the Legends team teased a Celtic-looking sword. Fans online speculate it means Marvel Conan, but nobody seems quite sure. As for WandaVision? Yes, they will make figures, but none revealed at this time.

Take a look at the official images in our gallery below. Will any make your collection? Let us know in comments.

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