Invincible Animated Series to Get Action Figures From Diamond Select

If it’s a Robert Kirkman comic, chances are there’ll be merchandise. Thus, in 2021, when the new Invincible animated series debuts on Amazon Prime, action figures  will come with it. Diamond Select typically makes detailed comic and movie-based figures, but have been testing the animation waters more recently with licenses like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Castlevania. The stylized Invincible and Omni-Man figures represent their upcoming animated looks. Steven Yuen and J.K. Simmons will voice these versions of the characters.

In the Image universe, Invincible manifests super-powers as a teenager. His father, the superhero Omni-Man, is part of an alien race that seem peaceful, and inclined to help mankind. However, it later turns out they have hostile intentions and the elder hero is actually an advanced scout.

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Both Diamond Select action figures include extra heads and hands, as well as bonus accessories.  These include a concrete block and Flaxan arm for Omni-Man, a Reanimen head for Invincible, and baseball gloves for both.

The first eight-episode season of Invincible on Amazon Prime debuts next year. Time will tell if we get more, but the licensing of action figures should indicate that the streaming service is bullish.

Are you excited for Invincible animated series action figures? Who else would you like to see added to the line? Let us know in comments.

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