Hasbro Announces Force FX Darksaber From The Mandalorian and More

Throughout season 2 of The Mandalorian, Hasbro and other companies have slowly dribbled out new product information. On “Mando Mondays,” they’ve given one tidbit at a time. And with the season at an end, today is the last one for a while. So it’s time for a big drop. And here it is: finally a Force FX Darksaber joins the high-end line of collectible Jedi weapon replicas. The sole lightsaber to date in the Star Wars universe that gets regularly wielded by non-Force users arrives in stores next summer. Like others in the line, it features a metal handle, LED blade, and motion effects. But it’s not coming alone.

Along with the saber, the Black Series Boba Fett helmet gets a fresh new coat of paint, just like the one in the show. Boba Fett’s “re-armored” helmet, ironically, features the paint scheme from the TV show, which in turn was based on the original Kenner toy prototype colors. Complete with lights and visual display like the previous movie and prototype versions, this repaint won’t see release until spring 2022.

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But first, in spring 2021, Hasbro will rerelease the most recent Vintage Collection version of Boba Fett’s Slave I. Based on its Empire Strikes Back appearance, the vehicle includes functional landing gear, detailed cockpit, a stand to pose it in flight mode, and Han Solo in carbonite. The previous release commands high secondary market mark-ups; the reissue will run $149.99. No doubt a Disney+ variant will exist in the future, but that could be a long way off.

Learn more about the making of the Darksaber here. Take a gander at more images in the gallery below. Then let us know in comments whether you’ll grab this new gear.

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