Hasbro and Threezero Team for High-End 12-Inch Power Rangers

Following successful collaborations on Transformers and G.I. Joe, threezero now teams with Hasbro for Power Rangers. Hasbro now owns the entire property outright, but as a company set up for mass retail, they don’t really do much niche high-end product. Now thanks to threezero, collectors of detailed sixth-scale figures can preorder highly detailed 12-inch Power Rangers. Buy a set of six of the $99 figures, and get the sixth one half-off. The actual product should arrive around August.

From the official description: “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are approximately 12” (30cm) tall, fully-articulated collectible figures with hand-tailored fabric costumes, standard boots, and unique Mighty Morphin helmet. Each Power Ranger figure includes a utility belt, Blade Blaster holster, Blade Blaster, individual weapons, and four (4) pairs of interchangeable hands.” And yes, their weapons do combine to make the Power Blaster.

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All six classic Mighty Morphin rangers are available at Hasbro Pulse and other retailers. Thus far none of them includes actor likenesses. But if the initial offerings do well, there are many options for what comes next. And $99 for a high-end 12-inch figure is a surprisingly good deal nowadays.

Take a look at more images in our gallery below. Will you “go go” to Pulse right now and preorder? Let us know in comments.

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