Hot Toys Moff Gideon Star Wars Figure Has Had It With Your Crap

It’s become a meme now that any time Giancarlo Esposito shows up on a TV show, the hero is in deep trouble. But the sheer disdain he exudes for the good guys has rarely been captured like Hot Toys has done it. On the new Hot Toys Moff Gideon figure, The Mandalorian‘s chief villain looks just so over it. Nobody can impress him. He’s the boss and he knows it, and he’s sick of your nonsense. And that world-weary, above it all headsculpt isn’t the only quality the figure exudes. He also comes with that elegant cape, and the darksaber with two blades. The latter including a swishing into action motion effect version.

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With one more episode of The Mandalorian to go in the season, Moff Gideon hasn’t had a lot of airtime thus far. Purportedly, the third season will really delve into the character’s motivation and master plan. But before this one is done, we may yet learn what evil intent lies in store for Grogu, the Child. Preorder the figure, and watch him look down on all your others. Maybe he’ll even reveal their true names, just to be a jerk.

Get a better look at the Moff in the gallery below. Then let us know what you think in comments.

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