Spin Master Obtains Toy Rights to Harry Potter and the Wizarding World

For a media franchise that’s arguably one of the biggest in entertainment, J.K. Rowling’s larger Harry Potter universe never quite had a definitive toy line. Numerous companies have taken a crack at the license, now known as Wizarding World, from Mattel to NECA and various British toy brands. Most recently, McFarlane Toys put out six-inch figures and announced ambitious plans, but only released four characters and some creatures. Now it’s time for Spin Master.

Via a press release at License Global, Spin Master’s new deal with Warner Bros. consumer products is a global one. The company will “develop Wizarding World products based on the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films including dolls, figures and accessories, playsets, select vehicles, games, feature plush and role play/dress up categories.”

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Currently, Spin Master makes 3-3/4-inch Batman figures and playsets aimed at kids, with cartoon stylings and playability. Ironically, McFarlane makes the larger, more detailed Batmen. It’s not clear if they’ll still control that aspect of the license and share it in the same way, or Spin Master gets it outright. Previously, they have done more movie-based lines for properties like Tron: Legacy and The Last Airbender. The Canada-based company, which also acquired the rights to Erector set and Etch-a-Sketch over the years, is perhaps best known for its kid-centric Paw Patrol toys.

Their first Wizarding World products are due next fall, ahead of Fantastic Beasts 3 in 2022.

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