Latest Hot Toys Darth Maul Comes Straight From The Clone Wars

Yes, yes, we all know that by the final season of The Clone Wars, Maul is technically not a Darth any more. But Hot Toys is still calling the figure Darth Maul, because he was always more famous under that name. Regardless of the honorific, everyone knows his silhouette and his face. The Zabrak with the double-bladed lightsaber remains one of Star Wars‘ most iconic foes. That’s in large part because the animated shows  developed his character far above and beyond his two, too-brief movie appearances. And this new Hot Toys Darth Maul takes the most recent animated design and makes it realistic.

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From the siege of Mandalore, this Maul features robotic lower torso, chest and arm tattoos, and perhaps most significantly the Mandalorian sarcophagus in which the Republic army hoped to safely transport him. Order 66 put an end to that, and Maul escaped; but should collectors choose, they can entomb him once again. Just so nobody escapes his gaze, the new headsculpt even includes a separate rolling eyeballs system to redirect his evil stare. Adding dynamism to his unique double-bladed lightsaber, the regular blades can switch out for dynamic “in motion” triangular versions. As always, Hot Toys figures include multiple hands.

The gallery below showcases all the figure’s dynamic poses and accessories. Will he join you as a gem of your collection? Let us know in comments.

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