Exclusive Baby Yoda Action Figure to Potentially Come With Razor Crest

Much to no toy collectors’ surprise, Hasbro‘s crowd-funded Razor Crest vehicle from The Mandalorian quickly blew past both its minimum preorder number and initial stretch goal. Now there’s just one more stretch goal to hit, announced this morning. And it’s one likely to quickly meet expectations, considering it involves this year’s most popular Star Wars character. Book the spaceship, and get an exclusive Baby Yoda action figure.

Baby Yoda, a.k.a. The Child, has yet to  appear in the 3.75-inch scaled vintage collection, in part because he’s so very small. Even the one in the 6-inch scaled Black Series looks only slightly taller than a Porg. But this first one arrives in a hover pram, complete with clear stand, so as not to get easily lost. Either by Din Djarin, or any collector’s kids or pets.

It looks as though even a figure this small manages some articulation, specifically at the shoulders. But even if he doesn’t move, that Force-powered kid plays an essential role on the ship and should definitely be included.

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With 41 days left as of this writing, nobody should have any doubt the 50 year-old youngling will join the set, as over 10,000 fans will very likely back the project. And even if he doesn’t, no way he won’t show up somewhere down the line, possibly in a different form. The Mandalorian figure included has been announced for future retail waves; he’ll just have a sculpted cape rather than a soft one. Check out a mini-gallery below.

Does the Child encourage you to sign up for the Razor Crest? Let us know in comments.

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