The Dark Knight Returns Batman and Robin Get Their Best Figures Yet

Every other version of Batman nowadays seems to be grim and gritty, from Ben Affleck trying to stab Superman to Robert Pattinson inhabiting a Gotham City right out of Seven. And alternate reality takes of superheroes as angry old men have even included the likes of Hawkeye. But when The Dark Knight Returns first came out, Frank Miller’s depiction of an older, angrier Bruce Wayne fighting a near-fascist Superman broke radical ground. Miller may have overused the old-and-angry formula a bit since then, but even two lesser sequels don’t diminish his elder Bruce Wayne’s debut.

Medicom’s MAFEX line immortalized this particular Batman in figure form before, wearing the black costume. But now they’ve upped the ante by including Carrie Kelly as Robin…and an unmasked Bruce head. Carrie herself comes with two heads, and both figures include wired capes for dynamic posing. As seen in the gallery below, they can mimic virtually any of the poses readers might remember from the comic miniseries.

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The pair of figures retails at around $128 — standard stuff for import collector figures. At a slightly small 6-inch scale, they may not necessarily play well with others, but look great on their own.

Enjoy the gallery below, then tell us in comments what you think of these fantastic figures.

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