NECA Finally Takes a Crack at a King Kong Action Figure

NECA may have made the most comprehensive series of Godzillas ever, with plastic renditions of almost every different movie incarnation. But in a toy licensing twist of fate, they will not be doing the official Godzilla vs. Kong movie toys, when Warner Bros. finally puts the two kaiju face to face on the big screen. However, there’s a loophole: King Kong is at least partly public domain, though his movie-specific looks are not. So NECA can make a King Kong action figure anyway, and one worthy to go toe-to-toe with all their Godzillas in the same 7-inch range.

In keeping with the legalities of a non-movie take, this Kong looks to have hybrid aspects of all the cinematic incarnations. The face echoes the 1933 miniature. The fangs recall 1976. Peter Jackson’s version made visible scars a motif, and the brownish fur color feels very Skull Island. The toy company has a long history of ape figures, having taken on both classic and modern incarnations of Planet of the Apes. The most famous one of all could not elude them forever.

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King Kong includes two different heads, and fists and open hands for both arms. Based on official product images, he looks like one of the most articulated versions of the King to date. The big ape arrives in stores around September, plenty of time before Godzilla vs. Kong‘s expected November release date.

Take a look at the gallery below to see Kong in a variety of poses. Then let us know if he reigns over your collection in comments below.

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