Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Gets an Officially Licensed Statue

Normally, it would be unheard of for a movie based on DC comics not to get any merchandise tie-ins. Especially one based on the character who is arguably the company’s most popular of all time. Yet Joaquin Phoenix‘s Joker was different. Aimed at adults and set in a realistic past, the movie pointedly aimed downbeat and looked to bum people out. And then it won Best Actor at the Oscars, and became the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time.

Maybe because Joaquin Phoenix always comes across so introverted and serious, the idea he’d allow his likeness to be used on collectibles seemed unlikely. Yet here we are: Prime 1 Studios and Blitzway apparently worked on this new mixed-media statue throughout the entire production process. Several bootlegs of Phoenix-based toys surfaced over the past year, but this one is official. And huge. And not cheap. For $1,299.99, a two-foot tall replica of Arthur Fleck can show up on a buyer’s doorstep around summer of next year.

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Numerous screen-accurate accessories include his damaged sales sign, rat, notebook, magic wand, mental condition card, photos, and more. Order soon, and the clown mask also comes included. Made of polystone, fabric, and other materials, the figure includes wires in the jacket so his coattails can be posed dynamically or statically.

And the possible good news for more here is that Phoenix’s Joker likeness is not impossible to obtain. Todd McFarlane, for one, is likely champing at the bit to do his version.

Do you want Arthur Fleck on your shelf, in some form or another? Let us know in comments.

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