Star Wars: The Clone Wars Captain Rex Reports for Hot Toys Duty

With the Clone Wars animated series finally at a close, and on Disney+ in its entirety, many new fans gave been taking in the prequel-era Star Wars adventures in full. And with it, obtaining a whole new appreciation for some of the show’s greatest characters. From Ahsoka Tano to Cad Bane, many made their mark. But for Hot Toys, kicking off a new line of figures inspired by the show, the easiest one to do first would be Captain Rex. He already proved his franchise longevity by showing up as an older man in Rebels, might just appear in live-action at some point with The Mandalorian, and gained extra gravitas by escaping the end of the Clone Wars with Ahsoka against absurd odds.

Rex, one of many clones of Jango Fett and one of the few to have his Jedi-killing implant removed, fought heroically for the Republic alongside Ahsoka and Anakin. When both Anakin and the Clone army turned, Ahoska was able to perform some emergency surgery to keep him on the good side. Previously, he stayed loyal to Ahsoka despite her expulsion from the Jedi and subsequent refusal to rejoin. In solidarity, he and his squad even painted their helmets in her colors.

Hot Toys’ Captain Rex comes with an Ahsoka helmet to hold, as well as a helmeted head with removable visor, and a Temuera Morrison portrait. Morrison has yet to officially play this character in any medium, but did portray Fett, on whom Rex is genetically based. Dee Bradley Baker provides the animated voice.

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The face isn’t the only thing Rex takes from Jango. The figure also includes a Mandalorian-style jetpack.

With Morrison supposedly returning as Boba Fett, fans speculate he could be playing Rex as well soon. Especially since Ahsoka looks set to appear in live-action. A popular fan theory also has him as the gray-bearded Endor trooper in Return of the Jedi. Disney canon never formally confirmed this, but they’ve teased it as a definite possibility.

Is this Rex fit to lead your toy squad? Let us know in comments.

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