Beskar Mandalorian With Baby Yoda From Hot Toys

Anyone who bought Hot Toys‘ first Mandalorian action figure might want to double-dip, as the warrior now named Din Djarin brings a friend along. The Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda, has the bounty hunter and the galaxy under his spell. And depending how fancy the buyer wants to get, there are a couple of options to obtain this deadly duo.

In either case, the Mandalorian comes with his jetpack and Beskar armor. The latter includes a switch-out pauldron with the Mudhorn clan insignia. He stands on a desert-themed base, has a  flamethrower effect, and of course comes with a standing figure of the Child. But then there’s the much fancier edition to consider.

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The Deluxe version includes an additional version of the Child, sitting in his hover pram. And it armors up the Mando with a bonus whistling bird effect, Mandalorian hologram, and the famous “ice cream maker.” Introduced to the Star Wars universe by a man named Willrow Hood fleeing Cloud City, the accessory turns out to be a beskar container. Hot Toys reveals the official name is “camtono container,” and theirs opens and lights up. We really need a Werner Herzog “Client” figure now, and hope Hot Toys would consider a sound chip to make him talk. Hypothetically, that is.

One thing Hot Toys has not done yet is make the Mandalorian’s helmet removable, now that we know what he looks like under there. That’s probably coming in an even later version.

Take a look at all the images in the gallery below, and dare to resist placing a preorder right now. This is the way.