2020 Marvel Figures Include Gamerverse, Retro Spider-Man, and More

While Marvel Legends‘ announcement of Fox movie figures was a highlight of Toy Fair, it was just the tip of the Marvel iceberg. Between now and summer, when we’ll get a look at the Eternals movie toys, a lot more 2020 Marvel figures are coming. And thanks to Hasbro and Marvel re-upping their deal, we shouldn’t see any slowing down in the near future.

Marvel previously showed an X-Men: Age of Apocalypse wave last summer, but they added a couple biggies. Sugar Man will be the build-a-figure, while Apocalypse himself comes separately in an oversized package. Meanwhile, the Gamerverse Iron Man headlines a new Avengers wave which also features Captain America, Kamala Khan, and Abomination (build-a-figure) from the upcoming video game. Filling out that wave will be comic versions of Leader, Mach 1, Rage, and Mar-vell.

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The comic-based Deadpool wave with Strong Guy build-a-figure adds Blak Tom and Maverick. And a newly announced Venom wave includes Venomized Ghost Spider and Venomized Miles Morales. Venomized Captain America will be a separate retail exclusive.

Hasbro’s working on a new articulation system that will eliminate visible joint pins. Old Man Hawkeye becomes the first figure to test this out. A modern Rogue follows, with the new joint system promising to make female figure legs less flimsy than in the past. The Marvel team have seen how popular lone warriors carrying green babies have become in pop culture this year. Thus, Baby Hulk will finally arrive alongside Old Man Logan.

Speaking of new articulation: a Spider-Man with a different joint system highlights Hasbro’s retro-carded initiative this year. With cards designed like the old Toy Biz animated series figures, we’ll get new versions of Spider-Man. Spider-Sense Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey with alternate Mary Jane head are along for the theme.

Other individual announcements include the Punisher on his motorcycle, deluxe-sized Nimrod, single-boxed Hydra trooper, ’90s Storm (a.k.a. classic arcade game Storm), Iron Man 2020, Gamerverse Starboost Iron Man, and a deluxe comic-styled War Machine. That’s a whole lot of figures.

The biggest news of all, perhaps, could be a crowdfunded Sentinel figure through HasLabs. Hasbro didn’t show any actual images — just a teasing hint — but in-scale it would be at least two feet tall.

And the other figures are all in our fully loaded gallery below. Take a look and then tell us which one is your favorite in comments.