Marvel Legends Monster Venom Gets Classic Repaint and Single Release

The coolest figure in any given Marvel Legends assortment is likely to be the Build-a-Figure. This is by design. Hasbro wants to lure kids and collectors who may never have heard of Union Jack or Rock Python into buying them to complete the Hulk, Mantis, M’Baku, or whatever more-desirable character they sell in pieces. And yet occasionally, those Build-a-Figures can get individual releases, usually as retail exclusives. In recent years, Giant-Man, Ultron, Groot, and comic Thanos have resurfaced, usually with key paint or accessory differences from the original. Next month, Monster Venom joins the line-up.

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Technically, a repaint of the Monster Venom is just meant to be classic Eddie Brock Venom. His suit uses the black color scheme with blue highlights, while the monster version was metallic purple. But rather than dropping $120 to buy all the figures with his pieces, collectors can snag this Venom on a card for $29.99.

The intent here seems to be to get ahead of the upcoming Venom movie sequel. They’re sustaining interest in the character until Sony’s ready to reveal more. But will we ever get a Tom Hardy Venom figure? Hasbro definitely knows there’s interest. This could be a way to get maximum usage of the comic sculpts before segueing into movie versions.

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