Super7 Reaction Figures Make the Aliens Toys That Never Were

Super7 (working periodically with Funko) has done many, many retro licenses in a vintage Kenner style. The idea being, what if these older properties had had toys in the ’80s? Or what if newer properties got ’80s-styled toys. But people forget the line kicked off with Alien, which used actual Kenner prototypes that never saw mass-market. The Alien figure line which got axed because the larger Alien figure scared parents off finally got to hit the stores, decades later. Now, Super7 is extending the line: imagining what would have happened had those Alien toys come out, been a hit, and then expanded to include the sequel, Aliens.

Clearly, the packaging art is a huge part of the appeal here. Those would have caught any kids eye hanging on the Toys R Us pegs back in the day. But the sculpting’s not half bad either. Reaction figures often seem to use “retro” as an excuse for ugly, simple things, but these xenomorphs could stand next to modern Star Wars figures and look good.

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Three separate aliens are available, based on the three different colors of production costume. Midnight black, dusk brown, and nightfall blue each come in different poses to make for army-building variety. At $18 apiece, they’re a little more than one might expect with inflation, but most folks are probably buying these for display rather than play.

Are you up for buying an army of small aliens? Waiting to see who the human figures might be? Let us know in comments below.