Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Is Embodied in This Import Figure

It’s time for toys to get fantubulously emancipated. While no announcements of domestic action figures for the R-rated Birds of Prey seem forthcoming, Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts line is on the case. As seen in the most recent trailer, Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn sports a more informal look this time out. Shiny overalls over underwear is the new red-and-blue shirt. And we bet Hot Topic will be having a run on gold shortly. Before cosplayers can grab the official duds, however, this import figure rocks the outfit hard.

Look closely at the overalls. They sport the diamond checker pattern, but it’s subtle enough that one has to see it at the right angle and lighting. Deluxe, conspicuously concealed articulation allows her to strike any sort of pose, like the one above. And bonus heads and hands allow Harley to do different things with a lollipop. All above-board, of course, but character-driven just the same.

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Special accessories include Harley’s large mallet — the one holdover from Suicide Squad. She also comes with roller skates, for some retro flare. At 5.7 inches tall, she’s a touch smaller than most 6-inch scale figures, but at $59.99, seems reasonably priced for a collector-grade import. Mistah J may be out of the picture; however, this cagey bird can stand alone on any shelf. That said, we’d be happy to see the other members of her movie flock join her shortly.

Check out more pics in the gallery below. Is this Harley figure going to be your puddin’? Let us know in comments below.