Watch Todd McFarlane Showcase His New DC Multiverse Toys

Almost as soon as the new year rang in, McFarlane Toys shared official images of their new DC Multiverse action figures. As of January 1st, they’re the company that will be doing collector-focused action figures based on most DC properties. (Mattel retains Super Hero Girls and some others.) But it’s one thing to show static images of new products, and another to show kids actually playing with them.

Todd McFarlane, in many ways, is the biggest kid of all. And he couldn’t resist taking to Instagram to get hands-on with his company’s new licensed creations. All of them, in his words, are either “super-sassy” or “super-sexy.” The comic-book mogul even adds his own sound effects, including a unique take on the classic, gravelly “I’m Batman” voice.

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We also learned from the video that McFarlane Toys has the license for three years. Plus one of their long-term plans is to keep doing “build-a-Batmobile” sets. So that collectors can assemble a small-scale fleet of different rides from every iteration of the Bat-family. He mentions forty-ish, but that might be tough to get to in three years. We’re guessing he plans on renewing if he can.

Watch the very special “Todd talk” below:


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Get another look at our first wave of #DC action figures!

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Does seeing the toys in-hand — even if it’s someone else’s hand — change your opinion of them, for worse or better? Let us know in comments below!