Spin Master Reveals Its Mass Retail DC Action Figures

New year, new Batman toys. And this time, no one company holds the master license. While McFarlane Toys scored the rights to do collectible figures of DC Comics characters in the 7-inch scale, Spin Master is rolling out 2-inch, 4-inch and 12-inch toys. Yes, the company that makes Paw Patrol now has Batman and Superman, as part of the mass retail DC license for the category stereotypically called “boys’ toys” still. (Mattel retains “girl toy” rights for fashion dolls and the like.)

Spin Master’s initial offerings sport a stylized, animated look. Their 12-inchers feel of a kind with Mattel’s offerings in that category. Four-inch, however, is a scale we haven’t seen from DC in a while, but should allow for more vehicles. To that end, a Batcycle and a Batmobile with removable Batboat accompany these figures. The 2-inch figures come randomly blind-boxed for the kid-friendly “mystery” category.

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Character selection leans heavily towards the Bat-family, while also including Superman, Flash, and Shazam, who’ve recently appeared in movies. (Where’s Wonder Woman? Probably still at Mattel.) And thanks to the popularity of “unwrapping” toys like LOL Surprise, special mystery accessories are part of the 4-inch figures’ gimmick.

Check out all the new Spin Master DC retail releases in our gallery below. Will you start up a new 4-inch collection with these? Or is McFarlane more your speed? Let us know in comments below.