Hasbro Unveils All the Baby Yoda Figures

While the first official toy of The Mandalorian‘s “The Child,” a.k.a. Baby Yoda, was a vinyl-plush hybrid from Mattel, Hasbro has even bigger plans. Not to be outdone by the competition, the primary holder of Star Wars toy rights just announced multiple options for all your Baby Yoda needs. Like The Last Jedi‘s Porgs, he’ll get a smaller-sized Black Series action figure, standing 1-1/2 inches tall and including bone broth, Sorgan space frog, and joystick knob. (Curiously, none of the announced figures include the floating bassinet, which is probably history by now.)

That may be too small for some, though it’s in-scale with the most popular figure line. So get ready for a larger 6.5-inch figure, which will also sport full articulation. But if making adorable baby noises is mandatory, go for the 7.5-inch plush, which includes multiple cute sounds, as well as the frog and broth.

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Collect multiple Baby Yodas with the 2.2-inch Bounty Collection. This series of two-packs features anime-ish stylized forms of the Child in different poses and appearances. As a bonus for Metallica fans, there’s even one literally sleeping with one eye open, gripping his (metaphorical) pillow tight.

We’ll have to wait till spring for this onslaught of adorable, but that leaves time to save those credits and Beskar bars. Figures range from $9.99 (Black Series) to $24.99 (talking plush). Want them, you do. Or do you? There is no try. Check out the gallery below and then tell us in comments which ones are must-haves.