Three Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Select Movie Figures Debut This Week

Hasbro’s not the only American toy company doing Marvel movie figures. For fans who like their characters slightly bigger, like more in the NECA/McFarlane 7-inch range, Diamond Select is the go-to. And sometimes they just randomly drop them into stores without warning. Like this week when new versions of Hulk, Armored Thanos, and Captain Marvel arrived in Disney stores and online. These Marvel Select movie figures serve the added bonus of luring oder collectors into Disney stores, which usually cater more to younger children in their selections.

Another plus is that the line offers ways to get larger characters like Hulk and Thanos without having to buy six other figures first. For the casual collector, that’s not insignificant. Plenty of fans who want a movie Hulk don’t need or care about Rock Python as well.

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For whatever reason — maybe it was a last-minute decision in post — no figure of Professor Hulk thus far comes with glasses. Maybe that, like a burned arm, is variant fodder for later. And Hasbro has not made him in the team nano-suit at all, making this version a little sweeter.

Thanos doesn’t even know who you are. But thanks to the success of Avengers: Endgame, even casual moviegoers know his name now. He comes packed with the big blade and an alternate Infinity Gauntlet hand.

Carol Danvers brings along Goose the Flerken, multiple heads and hands, and even a clear stand for flight poses. Which is a nice new touch. Look for all these figures to go for between $25-$30.

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