NECA Returns to Hellraiser With Ultimate Pinhead Action Figure

While Hellraiser wasn’t the first ever action figure license NECA picked up, it was the one that put them on the map. After years of negotiations with McFarlane Toys, which only wanted to make the main antagonist, Pinhead, Dimension awarded the rights to NECA in exchange for a full line of all the Cenobites and other monsters in the franchise. The company obliged with a line that gave every collector figure series of the time a run for its money, and helped popularize the “build-a-figure” concept. Pinhead even became the first of their many quarter-scale figures which remain arguably NECA’s signature achievement to this day.

But it has been a long, long time since they’ve done any Hellraiser-related figures since. If any rights issues remained a problem, however, they’ve been cleared up now. Pinhead used to appear in every NECA series, but this is the first super-poseable one to include leg articulation and a soft lower skirt. In the style of the time, NECA designed most previous versions to hold one pose. And yeah, Pinhead tended to stand fairly still most of the time onscreen, so it was fine. But should anyone want to place him in action stances, the new one can hold them.

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Though he clearly comes with weapons and puzzle boxes, a Tweet by NECA also implies either alternate heads, or at least alternate switch-out face parts.

Check out the full gallery of initial images below. It has such sights to show you!