Hot Toys’ The Rise of Skywalker Rey Figure Hints at Remote Training Scene

It’s a testament to how relatively little we’ve actually seen from the latest Star Wars sequel. That we actually learn new things just from an action figure’s accessories. But such is the case with Hot Toys‘ new The Rise of Skywalker Rey figure. It appears that despite the heroine’s natural affinity for using the Force, she still needs a little remedial Jedi training 101. As such, she’ll be duplicating Luke Skywalker’s very first lesson — countering a training remote while wearing a blast-shield helmet.

“Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.” Such was Obi-wan Kenobi’s biggest piece of advice, ultimately allowing Luke to blow up the Death Star without using a tracking sensor. So the question remains: how do Rey’s eyes mislead her? Is she perhaps wrong to think Kylo Ren irredeemable? Or will a resurrected Palpatine try to trick her with illusions? Perhaps we’re overthinking a cool accessory, but Hot Toys additions are usually screen-accurate. And Rey looks unusually stern.

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Speaking of accessories, this Rey, like most other versions of her from the new film, comes with D-O. The new droid who looks not unlike the love-child of BB-8 and the Pixar mascot Luxo Jr. seems set to be the next cute sidekick. Thus far he hasn’t inspired the same instant fan love as his role model BB-8, but that’s because we’ve yet to really see him in action. Droid master Babu Frik knows what he’s doing.

Check out the Rey figure in our gallery below. You even get a sneak preview of the next Kylo Ren figure as well. Will you be adding her to your own roster of Jedi figures? Let us know in comments.