Mondo’s Newest Masters of the Universe Figure Is Scare Glow

In a surprise Halloween reveal (via, Mondo just announced that their next 12-inch Masters of the Universe collectible figure will be the evil ghost Scare Glow. A Mondo exclusive limited to 900 units, he will undoubtedly show up at some other outlets, but is now on Mondo’s site as of this writing. (If they sold out by the time you read this, check other online retailers who probably stockpiled a few.) The man known in life as Karak Nul comes with a range of accessories from both his original figure and updated Classics bio. Cape and scythe, yes; but also a reliquary with chain containing the key to Castle Grayskull.

Mattel originally released Scare Glow as part of a tail-end wave in the ’80s toy line. As the once-mighty property faced declining sales, the toy giant put out a series that relied heavily on repaints. Scare Glow utilized a creative skeletal paint job on a glow-in-the-dark body, giving him a unique look. Fans have since made him a favorite, and he tends to be one of the first characters released every time another company tries relaunching the property. His power is a glow that causes even the bravest heroic warrior to feel uncontrollable, irrational fear.

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Multiple hands also come with the figure for various weapons grips. He also includes a figure stand. The price tag is $185, but payment plans are available. Even for non He-fans, this is basically a toy of the Grim Reaper on steroids. So we expect him to be pretty popular.

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