First Look at Vin Diesel as Bloodshot Via His New Action Figure

Movie studios and toy companies tend to work hand in hand in preserving secrecy and spoilers these days. So much so that we couldn’t get a Force Awakens Luke Skywalker or Supreme Leader Snoke until two years after the movie, because Lucasfilm wouldn’t show Hasbro what they looked like. Which makes it all the more surprising that our first look at the Bloodshot movie comes via McFarlane Toys. Now, they’ve unveiled their first figure of Vin Diesel as Bloodshot himself. The nano-powered, shape-shifting soldier looks ready to handle anything.

Bloodshot will be Sony pictures’ first (of many, they hope) foray into the Valiant Comics universe. Far less known than Marvel, DC, or even Image, Valiant’s comics frequently garner praise for inventive storylines. Whether that’s enough to propel a shared movie universe forward with characters the general public don’t know, we’ll see. Vin Diesel has managed to achieve that with the Fast and Furious series, and gotten three Riddick movies off the ground by what seems like sheer force of will. He even revived the xXx series from what seemed like the dead. So although he also has his share of misfires, it’s hard to blame Sony for hoping he’ll bring the franchise power.

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McFarlane Toys’ Bloodshot action figure stands in the 7-inch scale, compatible display-wise with the likes of their Mortal Kombat and Stranger Things figures. Instantly recognizable as Diesel, the toy includes 22 points of articulation and packs four weapons. Not counting his own body.

The movie will bow in theaters February 21, 2020. Expect the figure in stores around that time. And check out more images of him below: