London Comic Con to Debut Exclusive Gray Hulk Action Figure

Hulk, smash! That’s right: Hasbro‘s 80th anniversary of Marvel Hulk figure is a smash. Enough so that they’re on their third variant! The first came single-carded at San Diego Comic-Con, in a dark green. The second was lighter and more classic, and got packaged with first-appearance Wolverine in a recreation of their original comic cover. Now a third, with gray skin and a new head, comes with the two-pack’s torn shirt  and the single-carded’s crushed pipe, recast in new colors. He also wears bluejeans, to replicate his look from The Incredible Hulk #1 in May of 1962.

Is he man, is he monster, or is he both? That was the question the original comic posed. Own the toy and you get to decide. While it debuts at the London Comic Con, Gray Hulk will travel to other European venues before landing online at Hasbro Pulse starting November 4th.

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This Hulk is a hefty, impressive hunk of plastic too large for a regular sized Marvel figure package. Though he shares a body with some recent releases, the all-new color scheme and head go a long way toward giving him a completely different appearance. And for the really old-school fans, gray is what the Hulk always was. Morally as well as literally.

Do you need a little more Gray Hulk in your life? Since it’s debuting in England, should we spell it “grey” Hulk? The card declines to make a ruling on that. But let us know what you think in comments below!