Exclusive Luke Skywalker Figure to Hit International Conventions

Hasbro Star Wars toy reveals were all the rage this month, but we’re hyped for a hybrid movie/comic figure that is coming to global fan conventions. Billed as “Skywalker Strikes,” it’s an exclusive Luke Skywalker from the pages of issue 1 in the current Star Wars comics. From a movie perspective, it’s basically Ceremonial Jacket Luke with lightsaber training drone accessories.

Can we talk about the whole concept of the blast shield helmet for just a second? It presumably got made without Force-users in mind, since none were around at the time. But exactly who else wants or needs to be blinded while flying through hyperspace? If it’s just supposed to protect the face in extreme situations, why does it leave the neck completely exposed? So many questions. At least it taught Luke the beginnings of Force training. And the laser hit on the lightsaber blade is a nice touch.

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Though it’s inspired by the comics, the figure features a digitally painted Mark Hamill likeness, as well as a window box with reproduced artwork. While this is a convention exclusive overseas for now, limited quantities are expected at select U.S. retailers starting in November. So you might not have to beg Obi-Wan Kenobi, or anyone else far, far away to brave convention crowds for a shot at purchasing.

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