The Joker Living Dead Doll Makes a Clown Crook Cute

He’s not Joaquin Phoenix. He’s way cuter. Or so certain collectors may think. Living Dead Dolls, one of the flagship toy lines of Mezco, have always walked the line between adorable and terrifying. And when you think about how many handsome actors have radically changed their looks to play the Joker, it makes sense. A Joker Living Dead Doll might tell you he’s been dead once already, and it’s very liberating. It makes you…stranger.

Based on his appearance in the comics, the Joker is outfitted in a tailored 3-piece suit with lapel flower detailing. The malevolent madman is all smiles! Joker’s all-new head sculpt captures his maniacal red-lipped grin and coiffed green hair. He comes complete with a “Bang!” flag gun that can be held in his hand. LDD Presents DC Universe: Joker stands ten inches tall and features five points of articulation. He comes packed in a window box, perfect for display. 

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Out of all the live-action Jokers, this doll looks the most like Jared Leto, minus the tattoos and grill. Or perhaps Gotham‘s Cameron Monaghan, for much of that show’s final season. But that could be just because Monaghan was the youngest Joker we’ve seen to date.

Living Dead Dolls have already put their stamp on other Gotham City denizens. Joker can now take his place next to the likes of Catwoman and Harley Quinn. Though those numbers are not in his favor when they decide they’ve had enough of him!

Check out the full gallery below, and pre-order now if you like for spring delivery. Is this a joke you’ll pay for? Let us know in comments!