Into the Spider-Verse’s Peter B. Parker Gets a Flattering Spider-Man Toy

Although acclaimed by many as the best Spider-Man movie ever, or even the best comic-book movie ever, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was underserved by toys. (Even Hasbro admits this.) Domestically, the thinking went that cartoon = kiddie fare, and most merchandise aimed young. However, Japan continues to serve older collectors. And their new Peter B. Parker figure is a standout…although it does flatter him a tad, for reasons.

Peter the divorcee can still look a mess when he wants to. This might be the first superhero action figure to come with the post break-up uniform of sweatpants and pizza as accessories. Also coffee, and a shabby jacket for those times when he can’t be bothered to pull off the skin-hugging leotard. The mismatched shoes are a hilarious detail, and serve as the giveaway that everything isn’t really okay.

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Here’s the thing: MAFEX still wants to make a regular Spider-Man figure. So he comes with all the switch-out parts for that. But they can’t make him too fat, or it would ruin the “generic Spidey” form. So it’s in the articulation. To display him paunchy, push out the torso joint. This can be done with most figures, but normally, one doesn’t choose to. Here, it’s necessary for an accurate Pete.

Also included with the figure are six webs, bare feet, and four different heads. Not included are multiverse-describing french fries. (He presumably ate them all already.)

This import figure is $104.99, which may seem steep, but where else are you going to get a Spider-Man with removable sweats and no shoe style? Anyone can make Spider-Man look cool. It takes work to get him so uncool. Check out the full gallery below.

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