Marvel Legends Fat Thor Build-a-Figure Wave Unveiled

Avengers: Endgame was just too large a movie to confine to two action figure waves by Hasbro. And in a rare move for flagship toy line Marvel Legends, they’re about to put out a wave consisting entirely of movie-based figures. Many fan favorite requests fill out this series, but perhaps best of all is that buying them all allows for the building of our favorite overweight gamer god. Yes, a Legends Fat Thor. Now, Hasbro, you really, really have to make Obadiah Stane so we can make a custom Big Lebowski toy. It’ll tie the playroom together, man.

Heimdall makes his debut in Legends scale much to the relief of Idris Elba fans everywhere. Vision, formerly available in a hard-to-get two-pack, has a translucent makeover. Valkyrie’s white outfit is captured at last, and Iron Man and War Machine/Iron Patriot get more climax-accurate figures than previously available.

Oh, and in a truly cheeky move, the classic Avengers Cap was posed at the Comic-Con Hasbro breakfast staring at America’s @$$. Avengers, assemble your dignity!

There’s more to come from Hasbro and Marvel this weekend, but they’re off to a strong start here. Clearly they’re willing to do figures from older movies in more than just the anniversary waves, which comes as great news for fans.

Check out the gallery below for individual looks at each hero. What do you think of this wave? Who do you want to buy first? Let us know in the comment section below.