Avengers: Endgame Marvel Legends Wave 2 Adds Comic Faves and a Spoiler

No, Beta Ray Bill is not the spoiler. Save for his likeness on a building in Thor: Ragnarok, the popular hammer-slinging alien hasn’t appeared in a Marvel movie yet. But he is a fan favorite overdue for a new figure. As is the norm for Hasbro, the latest Avengers: Endgame Legends wave 2 includes a mix of movie and artwork-inspired toys.

The build-a-figure for this wave is the Mark Ruffalo Hulk, and if you’ve seen the movie, you know this is less of a spoiler figure than it could be. Though of course if we described the scene in which he appears like this, we’d be giving away a lot.

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No, the only real spoiler — who has now been revealed in TV spots so she’s kinda fair game now — is Rescue, a.k.a Pepper Potts in Iron Man armor. Most of the other figures in this wave, Hasbro previously revealed at conventions, including the long-awaited Shuri, Union Jack, Rock Python, and a comic-style Loki.

War Machine is newer and bulkier, with sufficient artillery that he doesn’t actually come with a Hulk piece.

His paint job is more classic than movie-accurate to the final battle. That’s likely because it was based on not-final concept art.

Also revealed alongside this wave, Hasbro has a 14-inch electronic punching Hulk figure. And a 1:1 sized Power Gauntlet replica, a.k.a. the one worn by the Hulk onscreen. Check out those and more in our gallery below.

We’ll wait patiently for more movie Hulks to fully capture everything the green guy did onscreen.